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Blog: No Contradictions in an Empty Room


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The first step to understanding why our country is on the road to total collapse is to understand the disastrous effects of accepting contradictions. Contradictions do not exist in reality, they exist only in the mind and occur when you accept something as truth when in fact, it is not. When you choose to accept that contradiction instead of separating reality from fantasy to find the truth, you begin making decisions based on that fantasy. Decisions based on fantasy have disastrous results, whether or not they are made by politicians or the LSD induced attempt to fly from the roof top. When that fantasy meets reality, reality wins every time.

Take for example our longtime friend, "The Social Security Act". If in fact it does provide "Security", then why must it always be "saved"? My opponents, both republican and democrat would have you believe that Socialized Retirement (Social Security) is "Secure" as promised, we just need them to save it. They will make their case by repeating the same tired lines we have heard for decades, then proceed make the problem worse by making promises we can't keep, spending money we don't have and pushing the problem off for someone else to deal with, your children. I choose to present you with reality, without contradictions. I challenge each of my opponents to eliminate the contradictions from their position then explain it in detail.

I choose to call Socialized Retirement for what it is, a Ponzi Scheme as stated by our own government, with socialism as it's purpose. Social Security and it's amended programs currently owes over $109,000,000,000,000, has no money to pay it with and therefore has no choice but to change the rules (break their contract) just to keep the fraud going.

For Bernie Madoff, this is where reality met fantasy. His fraud was exposed, his scheme collapsed, all of his assets we seized and sold, then he was sentenced to 150 years to pay for his crime. Unlike our government, Madoff could not just break contracts with his investors, nor could he FORCE everyone who made an attempt to survive to pay into his scheme.

I challenge my opponents to explain, how they can "save" social security without breaking the contract they sold us and further committing our children to slavery to pay for their scheme. They will be forced to begin picking winners and losers. I also challenge them to explain why the same method wasn't used to "save" Bernie Madoff's scheme, who's "investors" were voluntary.

If you stand alone in a room with contradictions, they are in your head, you should find and correct them. The fantasy of Social Security has met the reality of a collapsed ponzi scheme. The question is, will you base your vote on the fantasy that it can be saved or face the reality that it's time to treat Social Security the same way we treated Bernie Madoff. If you choose fantasy, you choose to be surprised by a predictable result.

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