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House Republicans Join Kingston in Online Effort to Form New Agenda

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC lets you make your voice heard in Washington

For more than six months, Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) has used his website to solicit ideas for a new agenda with the American people. Rather than pushing his ideas, he sought to create a truly grassroots platform that started first with the people.

Now, House Republicans are doing the same thing nationwide through a new program called which gives everyone the ability to propose, discuss, rate and learn more about solutions to the problems facing America. With the discussion, Kingston and House Republicans hope to engage the American people in forming a new agenda.

"In the age of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr, information spreads like a wildfire," said Kingston. "Those elected to represent the people in government have been given unprecedented connection to the people and it would be irresponsible to let it go to waste. With this new platform, we hope to bypass Washington establishment insiders and poll-reading pundits to let the American people make their voices heard."

The new effort is similar to a project Kingston has been working since late last year which allowed constituents to make proposals that would be added to a "To Do List for America." While that process is ongoing, Kingston urges everyone to participate in this new initiative.

" gives Georgians the ability to swap ideas and debate the issues of the day not just across town but across the country," Kingston said. "It is an open platform and, to be successful, we must make sure that every voice is heard."

To participate, those interested should visit, register and begin proposing, rating and discussing solutions.

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