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Issue Position: Single Payr Healthcare

Issue Position

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Our healthcare system is broken, and the only fix is very simple: Single Payer, Not For Profit Healthcare at the state level for NC. That is why I will introduce the "North Carolina Healthcare Act" which will establish a single payer system for North Carolina.

The bill that I am promising to introduce to the N.C. Legislature if he is elected will mirror other states' initiatives such as the "Minnesota Health Act" or the "The California Universal Healthcare Act." Brandon points to these two bills as excellent examples of how a single payer sealthcare system could be both fiscally sound and provide full coverage.

By giving states the opportunity to form their own single payer healthcare system, w create a more viable model for single payer health care is available. "When other states sees that we can cut the cost of healthcare, streamline our medical industry, and still provide universal coverage to all North Carolinians, then all of the sudden, single payer health care doesn't look so bad.

With healthcare reform stalling at the federal level, the only viable route toward universal coverage is to start at the local level. Marcus Brandon continued, "That's why I'm running for office: because I believe that it is the best way for me to continue to carry the message of single payer health care.

To win this fight, we must emphaize tremendous fiscal benefits of state-based single payer system. The potential savings on paperwork, more than $1.5 billion per year in the state of North Carolina alone, are enough to provide comprehensive coverage to everyone without paying any more than we already do.

North Carolina is poised to be the first state to adopt single payer once I am able to introduce it to NC Legislature. The reason for this is that North Carolinians are ready for real solutions to healthcare. North Carolina has the 3rd highest healthcare cost of any state, while it sags at 37th in average income. This is a disparity that most North Carolinians feel when they have to think about healthcare.

Every day, as I am knocking on doors to talk to voters, I hear stories of people who cannot afford insurance and become victims of this for-profit industry.

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