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Congressman Boucher Announces Local Televesion Service for Dish Network Customers in the Bluefield Market

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Rick Boucher announced today that DISH Network, will begin providing "local-into-local' service to satellite customers in the Bluefield market on June 3. DISH Network's decision is the result of recent enactment of legislation authored by Boucher to modernize the Satellite Home Viewer Act. Last year, at Boucher's urging DirecTV began providing local into local television service in the Bluefield market. As of June 3, both of the satellite television carriers will be offering this service to Bluefield market residents.

"Many satellite customers in the Bluefield market and in other areas live in locations too remote to receive quality local broadcast or cable service. Satellite subscribers in these areas depend on access to local TV stations which supply important emergency information, weather, and local news and sports coverage. My major goal in reforming the Satellite Home Viewer Act has been to bring to all 210 local television markets across the nation what we call local-into-local television service through which local TV signals are transmitted by satellite to homes in the market where the TV stations are located. Today, we have taken the final step in achieving this goal, and, as a result, DISH Network will begin broadcasting local TV signals to its customers in the Bluefield market on June 3," Boucher said.

Through the "local into local' process, the local broadcast stations are uplinked to the satellite and then retransmitted into the markets of their origination. On Thursday, June 3, 2010, DISH Network will launch in both standard definition and high definition WVNS (CBS, DISH Network Channel 59); WVVA (NBC, Channel 46); WVNSD (FOX, Channel 8) and WSWP (PBS, Channel 53) and in standard definition WLFB (IND, Channel 14). DISH Network Customers interested in adding their local channels in standard definition or high definition can call 1-800-894-9131. Additional hardware may be necessary.

"The new local TV signals will be tremendously beneficial for the DISH Network customers who receive them. Indeed, since local television is one of our most vital public safety information resources in times of emergency, the "local-into-local' service promises to provide not only local entertainment but also vital public safety information. I want to commend the leadership of DISH Network for making this commitment and congratulate the customers who will receive local television services," Boucher concluded.

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