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Issue Position: Choice in Public Education

Issue Position

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"Without choice in public education, we will never truly have accountability. I have far more confidence in a parent's ability to determine what is best for a child than any bureaucrat."

Superintendent Luna is a strong supporter of expanding choices within public education, including through public charter schools. As chairman of the Nampa School Board, he oversaw the creation of one of the first public charter schools in the state. Public charter schools allow parents to have a choice in how their children are educated. Public charter schools are given more accountability for increased flexibility in how they operate.

Superintendent Luna understands that a one-size-fits-all school system can not meet the needs of every individual child. As a parent of six children, Superintendent Luna experienced this first hand, as some of his children thrived in traditional settings while others excelled in virtual charter schools and homeschooling for part of their education.

As State Superintendent, Superintendent Luna created the Division of Innovation and Choice within the State Department of Education, dedicated to expanding opportunities for students throughout Idaho. Superintendent Luna has worked to put in place more supports and technical assistance for parents and patrons interested in starting charter schools. Under Superintendent Luna's leadership, the Department has helped more than 15 public charter schools start operation, including the "next generation" of charter schools, which are dedicated to helping at-risk students or students with special needs. While Superintendent Luna is an ardent supporter of choice, he understands public charter schools must be held accountable and follow all state laws. Superintendent Luna also supports expanding choice through magnet schools, academies, open enrollment, and other alternatives, such as creating a funding stream that allows traditional districts to offer blended virtual and traditional programs for students.

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