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Carter Blasts Hollow UN Sanctions on Iranian Nukes

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

The Obama Administration must move immediately with all necessary diplomatic force to block Iran's continued development of nuclear weapons or risk a potential new war in the Mideast, says House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter.

"Today's U.N. resolution is so weak as to be a waste of time," says Carter. "Secretary of State Clinton and the Administration have thus far failed to have any impact whatsoever on nuclear proliferation by Iran or North Korea, and have seriously imperiled U.S. national security as a result."

Carter says he will support legislation in the House to enact tough new sanctions that have a realistic chance of blocking Iran's ability to build a nuclear weapon. "To allow the madmen who control Iran to have access to nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them is to threaten world peace, not just the peace of Iran and Israel", says Carter. "These are people who have publicly pledged genocide against Israel, and are rushing to build weapons of mass destruction to carry out that threat. We are heading down a road to international catastrophe, with no effective diplomatic response from the Administration. Congress must now act."

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