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$13 Trillion and Counting

Press Release

Location: Little Rock, AR

Second District Congressional candidate, U.S. Army Reservist and former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin today issued the following statement after the national debt today eclipsed $13 trillion:

"This is a sad milestone that reminds us of the tremendous burden we are putting on our children and grandchildren. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the current administration and Congress are making things much, much worse. We need a Congress that is working for us to solve the debt problem, not working against us by approving hundreds of billions more in deficit spending.

"When facing an enormous debt, Arkansas families don't look to borrow more. Instead, they look to cut back on expenses. Our government will eventually stop deficit spending -- either by choice, or by having its credit card declined. We must demand that it be by choice and that it be now."

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