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Issue Position: Tort Reform

Issue Position

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I will continue the fight for tort reform.

It is vital that we continue to make Alabama a welcoming place to do business. For too long, Alabama was known as "Tort Hell." Thanks to the work of Bill Pryor, Jeff Sessions, Perry Hooper and Republicans across this state; we have made great strides in overcoming this negative perception. I will work to streamline litigation, restrain punitive damages, limit non-economic damages and end lawsuit abuse. I was troubled to read in the American Tort Reform Association report, Judicial Hellholes 2008/2009, that Montgomery and Macon counties have been moved from the ATRA "Watch List" to full-fledged Judicial Hellholes. The ATRA had this to say about Alabama:

Controversial Alliance Among Trial Lawyers and the State AG

In suing pharmaceutical companies on behalf of the state to achieve large verdicts, Alabama Attorney General Troy King has, like some other state attorneys general, formed an alliance with private personal injury attorneys. Despite assurances that these contracts would be subject to transparency and public accountability, King has been slow to move toward these measures. While contracts are subject to review by a legislative committee, the committee can only temporarily delay contracts, not stop them. As a result, the tax-paying public remains largely in the dark as to how fees are determined and how many of their hard-earned dollars will go to trial lawyers. Attorney General King's association with Montgomery trial lawyer Jere Beasley, in particular, has drawn considerable media attention. King has outsourced litigation against pharmaceutical companies to Beasley, who has sought large awards that some observers suggest have not been entirely in the public interest. For example, Beasley has sought $800 million in punitive damages in a case when the court found that no punitive recovery was warranted."

As Alabama's Attorney General I promise to enforce the law fairly and without prejudice while supporting new laws and enforcing existing laws that will ensure that Alabama's economy continues to create and attract good jobs for its people.

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