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$13 Trillion Debt and Phantom Budget Await Liberals Returning to Washington


Location: Columbia, SC

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement highlighting Washington's reckless spending habits and the failure of liberals to act responsibly and draft a budget to address the $13 trillion debt:

"While Washington liberals spent Memorial Day recess back home, America's debt topped $13 trillion - closely closing in on our GDP. That means the nation's debt will soon be more than all of America's economic output a year, which is unsustainable. As lawmakers return back to Washington this week, it is high time for liberals to listen to all ideas on how to stop this runaway spending spree.

"The American people have offered plenty of suggestions for Speaker Pelosi to consider through innovative and interactive forums like YouCut and AmericaSpeakingOut. Liberals would also be wise to look across the aisle to many ideas Republicans have proposed like a balanced budget amendment and freeze on discretionary spending to start chipping away at this $13 trillion albatross.

"A budget blueprint is crucial, particularly in tough economic times; unfortunately it seems that liberals are forgetting a very important part of their job description. Liberals must stop dragging their feet when it comes to passing a fiscally responsible budget and finally get the job done this week," said Congressman Joe Wilson.

Check out Bloomberg's chilling chart of the day that illustrates the U.S. debt burden closing in on our GDP.

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