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Government Making it Harder

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, this week the House is going to consider another so-called jobs bill, but what is really in this bill? Certainly not many private sector jobs or real help to America's small businesses.

Extending unemployment compensation is necessary, but it's not creating jobs. A delayed fix to the Medicare reimbursement rate isn't creating new jobs. Billions of dollars to bail out State Medicaid programs isn't jobs. Welfare payments aren't jobs. We're about to spend $200 billion on a so-called jobs bill without creating any private sector jobs.

Just a few months ago, I polled 16,000 of my constituents. Only 12 percent of them believe that government policies are making it easier to create jobs. Is it any wonder that Americans have this opinion?

The so-called jobs bill this week permanently raises taxes in order to pay for 1-year tax extensions. Unemployment is near 10 percent. Millions more Americans have just given up looking for a job. It's far past time that we stopped making it harder for businesses to hire and started providing real help through regulatory relief and targeted tax breaks. That would be a real jobs bill.

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