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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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The Constitution makes clear that the federal government is responsible for making and enforcing laws governing immigration. The federal government has dropped the ball in this area, allowing--and in some instances even encouraging--tens of millions of people to enter our borders illegally. Congress needs to fix this problem by:

1. Investing in the technology, personnel, and physical infrastructure necessary to secure the southern border

2. Enforcing existing immigration laws

3. Improving and promoting the use of E-Verify--a nationwide immigration-status verification system designed to enable employers to ascertain quickly and accurately whether would-be employees are authorized to work in the United States;

4. Mandating and enforcing the denial of federal and state welfare benefits to illegal immigrants;

5. Clarify the original intent of the citizenship clause through legislation specifying that children born to illegal-alien parents in the United States are not entitled to automatic citizenship; and

6. Making clear that illegal aliens will not receive amnesty in any form, and must return to their own countries before applying for a visa; illegal aliens should receive no benefit from having entered the United States illegally, and should not be granted guest-worker visas or the opportunity to "purchase" lawful immigration status.

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