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Graves: Tax Cuts for Private Sector Will Spur Job Creation

Press Release

Location: Dalton, GA

Hawkins opposition to tax cuts wrong

Making campaign stops in Dalton today and speaking to the Carpet and Rug Institute's Government Affairs Committee, leading conservative Republican candidate Tom Graves (R-Ranger) said the way to get Georgians back to work is through tax cuts for the private sector.

Graves said he authored Georgia's Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success Act of 2010 (Georgia JOBS Act) while in the Georgia House of Representatives because the federal government has a 17 month failed track record when it comes to creating jobs and felt Georgia should take a different approach.

"Sustainable job growth comes from the private sector, not through government funded stimulus," said Graves. "History has proven time and again if you empower the private sector by cutting taxes and reducing regulations, our economy will grow. Tax relief and tax credits for companies that hire out-of-work Georgians will spur economic growth."

Both the Georgia House and Senate passed the Georgia JOBS Act with broad bi-partisan support. 20 Democrats and just 2 Republicans opposed the legislation including Lee Hawkins, Graves' opponent in the June 8th Special General Election Runoff.

"My opponent had it all wrong when he called the JOBS Act a "sham' and announced his opposition to cutting Georgia's capital gains tax in half and eliminating the net worth tax," said Graves. "Cutting taxes works and at a time when Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress are pushing higher taxes and more spending, North Georgia needs a proven leader who'll consistently vote no to higher taxes."

Graves added that, "North Georgia won't have to hold their breath every time I go to the House Chamber to vote. My record very clearly demonstrates that I am opposed to higher taxes."

The Associated Press reported last month, "Graves rarely met a tax cut he didn't like."

Graves finished first in the May 11th Special General Election, receiving 35.4 percent of the vote and out polled his runoff opponent by 12 points.

Graves has been endorsed by FreedomWorks, RedState's Erick Erickson, the Club for Growth PAC, Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project, Congressman Lynn Westmoreland and former 9th District candidates Bert Loftman and Eugene Moon. Graves was the first candidate to be certified 100 percent pro-life by the Georgia Right to Life PAC.

Graves represented the 12th House District from 2003 until March 23, 2010. Graves announced over a year ago that he would seek the 9th District Congressional seat that was vacated by Congressman Nathan Deal, who is running for Governor.

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