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Bono Mack Calls on Administration to Forge Stronger Partnership with Mexico to Stop Narco-Trafficking


Location: Washington, DC

Expressing her concern about the growing drug trade and escalating violence along our borders, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (CA-45) today called on President Obama and Mexican President Filipe Calderón to strengthen efforts to stop narco-trafficking and keep illicit drugs from flowing across our borders.

"The cycle of drug abuse and addiction is hurting our country and threatening the future of our young people," said Bono Mack. "It is going to take the strong resolve of the Obama Administration, working closely with the Mexican government to get control of our borders and stop the flow of drugs that is causing devastating violence and increasing the supply of illicit drugs to our youth.

"I am pleased that President Calderón raised this critical issue today before Congress, but more must be done to effectively confront the drug gangs and put an end to this deadly cycle that is affecting so many communities and lives.

"Stronger enforcement, combined with increased drug prevention and treatment efforts, is critical in this effort. As a Member of Congress and a mother, I will continue to work on all levels to address the epidemic of drug abuse and addiction in our country."

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