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Rep. Luján's Statement in Recognition of Memorial Day


Location: Santa Fe, NM

Rep. Ben Ray Luján issued the following statement in recognition of Memorial Day. Today, Rep. Ben Ray Luján will speak at the Rio Rancho Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony following the Rio Rancho Memorial Day Parade.

"On this day, we show our respect and appreciation for those who have served our country and for those who continue to do so. For more than a century, Americans like ourselves have come together on this day to honor men and women who have fought in our military and gave their lives for this country.

Americans like ourselves came together to pay tribute to the soldiers they knew and the soldiers they didn't know. Americans like ourselves said prayers for those who made ultimate sacrifice and for those they left behind. And what was true for Americans celebrating Memorial Day over a century ago, is true today--we can never sufficiently express our appreciation for the sacrifices these men and women made defending our liberty and freedom. The courageous men and women and their selfless service to this nation allows each one of us the opportunity to proudly live in a united nation--the United States of America.

On Memorial Day, we recognize those men and women who gave their lives for our liberty and freedom--but let us also recognize those men and women who are here today and who are currently fighting for our country. They give everything of themselves for us, so let us honor them and recommit ourselves to them.

I join all New Mexicans in honoring all those who gave their lives in service of our country, and in honoring all of America's veterans--including World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Again, thank you to all veterans for the extraordinary service and sacrifices you have made to defend our country.

Our nation, as in years past, is better for your service. And our nation, years from now, will continue to be better because of you. And a year, a generation, and a century from now, our country will remain strong as Americans continue to rise to defend our nation. And we will remain united in strength as future countrymen and women come together to recognize and remember those who serve and those who pay the ultimate price."

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