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Pelosi Statement on Passage of DISCLOSE Act by House Administration Committee


Location: Washington, DC

Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the passage of The DISCLOSE Act by the House Administration Committee:

"Today the House of Representatives made critical progress on The DISCLOSE Act, to protect our elections from being overtaken by special interest money and influence.

"The recent Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case opened the floodgates for the corporate takeover of elections. With this legislation, Congress has acted to help ensure that the special interests do not drown out the voices of America's voters.

"This legislation restores transparency and accountability to our campaigns, and ensures that Americans know who is really behind political advertisements. This bill requires corporations to stand by their ads in the same way candidates do, and prevents foreign-owned entities from participating in our elections. It prevents the use of taxpayer dollars to sway elections, and sets high standards for financial disclosure by outside groups seeking to influence our democratic process.

"In short, this legislation reaffirms a fundamental American value: the people decide our elections, not the special interests. I look forward to bringing this bill to the House floor soon."

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