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Issue Position: The Economy

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The math here is very simple. If Karen Bass is elected to Congress, there is a 0% chance of an economic recovery here in Los Angeles.

If Phil Jennerjahn is elected to Congress, there is a 100% chance of an economic recovery in Los Angeles. Karen Bass has already shown us her economic skills in Sacramento. As Speaker of the Assembly, she helped lead California into a unprecedented budget catastrophe. Thanks to her leadership, California is now over 40 BILLION dollars in the red. Her inability to understand simple math and finances is not a quality anyone should look for in an elected official.

Karen Bass is part of a bigger problem here in California. Socialist leaders who believe they can create success by legislation.
To them, financial realities are "not their problem". Their voting and spending are leading us down a very dark path.
There has NEVER in the history of the world, been a country that was successful because of government control of the economy. In fact, history has produced quite clear evidence to the contrary that economic growth, success and jobs come from the free flow of goods and services, and that type of growth is spurred by low taxation and low regulation.

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