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Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

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Is Health Care / Insurance a right.

Even if I believed it is a right, the United States Constitution does not permit the Federal government the power to take money from it's citizens to pay for the needs or wants of other citizens.

As a Congressman I will always ask myself one question before I will even begin do debate the merits of a bill brought before me.


If the answer is no, then I will not agree to debate the merits of the bill as to validate my ability to pass an unconstitutional bill.

The Premis is faulty, it is not the responsibility to provide healthcare or insurance to it's citizens atleast not in this Republic under our Constitution.

Let me tell you a short story as to why our health cost / insurance system is in trouble.

Human nature, When I was president of a homeowners asssociation, the association was responsible for paying the water bill for all of the units and the water usage was included in the association fee. I did some research to find out what the water usage was for each condo, which was on average about 800sqft. in size. I found that the amount of water used for each condo was 1.5 - 2.0 times greater than the average water use in the city for a single family home with an average sqft. of about 1,500sqft. What I learned was the condo owners thought they paid their association dues and it was supposed to cover as much water as they wanted, they did not feel the financial pain of their decision to over use the water. When I tried to get the dues raised, because the association was having a difficult time keeping up the basic maintenance, since all the funds were going to pay the water. No one wanted to pay more in dues, therefore the complex continued to deteriorate.

This is our Healthcare system in a nut shell, no one feels the financial pain of their decisions, someone else will pay for it, I already pay my dues.
I personally have a P.P.O and every time I need a test or blood work, I go to the place that charges the best rate, because I am paying for it. If I had an HMO I would not even ask how much the test costs.

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