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Tax Extenders Act of 2009

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. BERKLEY. Mr. Speaker, Nevada is hurting. The people I represent in Southern Nevada are hurting.

This bill extends the unemployment benefits for the 14.2 percent of my fellow Americans who find themselves unemployed so they can pay their bills and feed their children. It's not their fault that they are unemployed.

I support this bill because teachers I represent are going to get a tax credit for the school supplies they purchase, because Nevadans will be able to continue to deduct our sales tax from our Federal income tax, because there's money in here so we can provide summer jobs for high school students. Small business will receive tax incentives to preserve their jobs. Restaurants and retail stores can improve their businesses and expand by the R&D tax credit. Major job-creating infrastructure projects like the expansion of McCarran Airport and all of those great downtown building and transportation projects are going to continue because of the Buy America Bonds and the Recovery Zone Bond program.

And, finally, the extension of Medicare reimbursement to our country's doctors for 19 months. It's necessary. It's not permanent. We need to do permanent. It's going to help them care for their patients.


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