Issue Position: Foreign Policy

Issue Position

By:  Tim Scott
Location: Unknown

Promote An "America First" Foreign Policy
War on Terror

We have to stop thinking about Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Terror as separate problems, and start talking honestly about the root of the problem -- how we are going to deal with radical Islam, which is irreconcilable with the modern world.

We have to leave our political correctness behind, and admit that radical Islam wants to take us back to a barbaric, uncivilized world. Their views on the role of women, religious tolerance (persecuting Christians and Jews), application of medieval religious law (Sharia), and their encouragement of murdering innocent human lives makes them incompatible with everything America stands for.

America cannot negotiate with Al Qaeda. We have no common ground with terrorists. Al Qaeda and its associates must be destroyed.


There is no alternative to a strong counterinsurgency operation. We need appropriate levels of forces, as determined by commanders on the ground. This has worked in Iraq. A retreat in Afghanistan would embolden our enemies, and allow Al Qaeda to prosper.


Iran poses one of the greatest threats to America's way of life. Tim Scott is determined to do something about it.

Obama's policy -- "do nothing".
The Fundamentalist regime has succeeded in suppressing the (June 2009) "people's revolution" by arresting family members of protestors, blocking email and communications. Obama's policy of reaching out, through letters to Ayatollah Khamenei and recognizing the Islamic regime, have failed.

Iranian people are cultured and educated; but Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps & Office of Supreme Leader would control the nuclear bomb; and these are the most radical elements. A military strike would be costly and difficult, would delay the bomb but not prevent it. And the people might rally around their leaders as they rallied against Ayatollah Khomanei when war broke out with Iraq in the early 1980s. Military strike might be our best immediate option, but the ultimate goal should be regime change.

Tim Scott will support and work towards the following…

1) Broad (not targeted) economic sanctions -- prevent them from importing gasoline and kerosene (cripple domestic travel) and from exporting oil. Under the Patriot Act, Obama can declare the Central Bank guilty of deceptive practices, preventing any non-Iranian bank from doing business with Iran -- total economic isolation, investment in Iran would halt.

2) US should encourage protests, and civil groups which oppose the regime. Promote trade unions, strike funds to cripple oil industry. Distribute Satellite phones, disrupt regime's communication.
3) PR War by Obama, and Persian-speaking administration officials; use Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.

4) US should encourage dissention in the ranks of Revolutionary Guards. Provide cover for defectors. Targeted assassinations of Revolutionary Guard leaders (in Iraq and Afghanistan).

Iranians are not happy with their regime; they will stand up and fight if they see that we are behind them.

Rogue Countries

We must contain powers that could threaten us:
o China -- because of our economic imbalance (we need them more than they need us), China is a long-term threat
o Russia -- Putin is a lingering threat, retreating from democracy, helping Iran acquire nuclear technology
o North Korea -- a threat to South Korea and Japan, but a very distant threat to the U.S. But their willingness to sell nuclear weapons is very dangerous.
o Iran -- the most dangerous country in the world, most aggressive sponsor of terrorism. President makes speeches proclaiming his commitment to annihilating Israel.
o Pakistan -- might suffer Islamist military coup and its nuclear weapons could fall into hands of terrorists.

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