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Issue Position: Economy

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As a small business owner, Dr. Heck understands the economic challenges facing our state and nation today. Like thousands of Nevada businesses, Dr. Heck sees firsthand the impact policies coming out of Washington DC have on our economy. He knows what it is like to sign the front of a check to make payroll, pay business taxes, provide healthcare benefits and 401(k) contributions and will bring that experience and understanding to Congress.

Far too often our elected officials haven't actually worked in the private sector nor had a "real' job. All they know about the economy or creating jobs comes from a committee report or a textbook. Dr Heck will use real-world knowledge and experience to help solve these real-world problems.


He will fight a government that is too preoccupied with spending your hard earned money rather than protecting it. He will work each day to allow you to make the best choices for you and your family instead of Washington bureaucrats deciding for you. Dr. Heck will fight for a stable, predictable, and fair tax structure that allows you to have more of your own money to spend each month on the things you and your family need.


Passing a pork-laden spending bill and calling it "stimulus" is not an effective way to get our economy moving again. Dr. Heck believes in a federal economic policy that stimulates growth, not through trillions in ineffective government spending but by putting Nevadans back to work in the private sector. We need job creation today, not a year or two years after passing trillions in spending, but today. Dr. Heck believes that in order to create jobs we must set a regulatory environment that protects consumers without stifling business growth.

What is the incentive to expand your family business or invest wisely if ultimately you will be taxed ont the fruits of your labor? Dr. Heck supports reward success by decreasing/eliminating the long-term capital gains tax and repealing the death tax.


The federal deficit that is spinning out of control threatens this nation's long-term economic outlook. Putting America's future on credit and spending trillions of dollars today that will mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren is not wise fiscal policy. We must have budgets that are accountable and balanced. We must have expenditures that are effective and necessary--not special interest paybacks like we see far too often lately. Republicans failed at fiscal restraint earlier this decade but the Democrats controlling Washington today have not only just continued down this path, but accelerated this irrational behavior. It must stop. Dr. Heck will work to control spending by supporting earmark reform, a Presidential line-item veto, and a PAYGO provision that requires a spending offset (not additional revenue) for every spending increase so that the result remains revenue neutral.


Spending countless billions of dollars to bail out failed companies is not the job of the federal government. For example, an automaker that ignores trends, costs, and reality for a generation should be allowed to fail.

Dr. Heck will oppose future bailouts of companies that made poor choices. Your tax dollars should not be going to prop up a failed company and appease special interest lobbyists.

The federal government is the major operator in the banking industry, the mortgage industry, the auto industry, and the insurance industry. We cannot continue down this path as a nation or a government.

Today, America, just like Nevada, sits at a critical juncture regarding its economic future. Dr. Heck is committed to keeping taxes low, stopping trillion dollar federal deficits, protecting your tax dollars and most importantly, effective job creation to get our economy moving again; they are critical issues facing Nevada and it is why he is running for Congress. He will fight each and every day to bring commonsense, real world solutions to Washington DC and to get Nevada back on the right track.

"Our federal government must reign in spending and work to enact policies that do not discourage the growth of our small business, but instead encourages them to create jobs and put hard working Nevadans back to work."

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