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Griffith: Democrat's Extenders Package is a Fiscal Disaster'

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Parker Griffith today voted against a $54 Billion deficit increase by opposing the American Workers, State, and Business Relief Act of 2010, the "Democrat's Tax Extenders package," H.R. 4213.

"This bill would bring about billions of dollars in new deficit spending -- it is a fiscal disaster. It increases federal spending, increases net taxes in addition to increasing our national deficit as we currently have the largest deficit in its history. There is significant cost and deficit spending contained in this package and spending more money than we have is fiscal irresponsibility at its finest.

"I simply cannot support an extension to our rapidly inflating debt. We are carrying a heavy load of debt that we will pass on to our children and their children. At some point, disregarding the amount of debt that we are passing onto future generations must stop. Democrats are rolling on a spending spree, and I did my part today to try to halt their irresponsible spending habits by opposing this package.

"Creating more debt for our country when we are just now climbing out of the biggest recession in our country's history is the worst idea. What we need now is across-the-board tax relief for working families and small businesses. We must get government spending under control, shrink our government and let our local economies grow. It is time we got our fiscal house in order."

H.R. 4213 increases federal spending by $102 billion over ten years, increases net taxes by $47.8 billion over ten years, and increases the deficit by $54.2 billion over ten years.

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