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Rep. Bonner Joins Alabama Republican Members in Launching "America Speaking Out"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

The members of Alabama's Republican congressional delegation today announced the introduction of "America Speaking Out", an unprecedented grassroots initiative to provide the American people with a way to play a part in shaping policy affecting key national issues like cutting spending and limiting the size of government. Through "America Speaking Out", citizens will be given a voice in setting the priorities for a national agenda. At town hall meetings, online at, and through new communications tools, all Americans will have an opportunity to be a part of this effort.

Alabama Republicans said they plan to engage citizens in the state in discussing the challenges they'd like Congress to address through online and district initiatives over the next several months using a variety of resources and opportunities, including cutting-edge technology, town hall meetings, district events and old-fashioned conversation.

Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-06), senior member of the delegation, said, "The American people are tired of being ignored when it comes to issues like health care, continued government bailouts, and cutting wasteful spending. My town halls have been packed by constituents who have thoughtful solutions to the challenges facing our nation. The citizens of Alabama have a lot to contribute to the national debate over controlling the size and cost of the federal government, and the "America Speaking Out' initiative is an innovative way to make sure their voices are heard."

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04) said, "Over the last year, the liberal leadership in Congress under Nancy Pelosi have ignored the voice of the people and Americans are looking for leadership that will listen to the citizens whom they serve. Alabama Republicans are committed to our principles of smaller, more accountable government and over the next several months, we will have the opportunity to engage Alabamians about policy ideas that will move our nation forward."

Congressman Parker Griffith (AL-05) said, "It is evident that with the recent passage of detrimental legislation such as cap and trade, the health care bill, bailouts and stimulus packages that the Democrats in D.C. are not listening to the interests of the American public. Instead, we need to be passing legislation that helps Americans buy a home, build their business and ensure proper health care for their families. I am encouraged by this Republican initiative and support "America Speaking Out' to enable citizens to get their ideas into the hands of lawmakers in Washington. There needs to be a change in Congress and this initiative will help Members of Congress define what direction to go. I urge Americans to participate in this initiative and to send their voice to Washington to help implement much needed changes."

Congressman Jo Bonner, (AL-01) said, "Opinion poll after opinion poll reflects that the American people feel Congress no longer represents them. The public has the lowest regard for Congress in history and it's no wonder after the Democrat leadership strong-armed the passage of a host of massive new spending bills that balloon our budget deficit, and in the case of health care, ignores Americans' rights to make some of the most personal choices in their lives. I am excited about the launch of the "America Speaking Out' program which harnesses the Internet and other new communications tools to give the public a direct voice in the shaping of political policy and spending priorities. It's a breath of fresh air in our democracy that's long overdue. I encourage everyone to log on to the "America Speaking Out' web site and make your voices heard."

Congressman Mike Rogers (AL-03) said, "According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Federal government only has enough money to pay 61 percent of its bills this fiscal year. It's not sustainable, and proves why the Democratic-led Congress needs to follow the lead of folks in Alabama and spend within its means. I hope the "America Speaking Out" initiative will allow even more Americans a chance to speak their mind on this and other issues, and provide another platform to help amplify their opinions and ideas."

The America Speaking Out initiative is being led by Chief Deputy Republican Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy who represents the 22nd District of California. Today is the launch of this new agenda program. Detailed information can be found at website.

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