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United States-Israel Rocket and Missile Defense Cooperation and Support Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ. Madam Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 5327, the United States-Israel Rocket and Missile Defense Cooperation and Support Act. As a staunch supporter of the Jewish State of Israel, it gives me great pride to be a cosponsor of this resolution, which will provide Israel with the funding it needs to maintain the safety and security of her citizens.

By authorizing funds requested by President Obama for Israel's Iron Dome defense system, Congress and President Obama's message to the people of Israel is loud and clear: Our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable. And, through this funding that will help Israel produce and maintain an effective defense against short-range missiles, rockets, and mortars such as those used by Hamas and Hezbollah, we are backing up our words with action.

I urge my colleagues to vote "yes'' on helping to maintain Israel's qualitative military edge and vote "yes'' on H.R. 5327. And I commend my colleague, the gentleman from Virginia (Mr. Nye) for his leadership on this very important issue.


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