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Restoring Financial Security

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DEUTCH. Mr. Speaker, there is a lot of talk in Congress about restoring financial security for the American people. This week everyone in this body has a chance to turn their words into action. This week, we will have the opportunity to vote to preserve access to doctors for millions of Americans enrolled in Medicare.

No senior in Florida's 19th District or anywhere in America should see the door to their doctor's office slammed shut as a result of ill-advised cuts in Medicare reimbursements. Likewise, no veteran should have to worry that their TRICARE benefits no longer enable them to see a physician that they trust.

So many doctors in south Florida do everything they can to serve Medicare beneficiaries and America's veterans. This legislation will stop a 21 percent cut in Medicare reimbursement rates so that the doctors in our community can continue to do their important work.

Our seniors deserve access to more than simply Medicare; they deserve access to doctors. Let's show our doctors and the seniors and the veterans who rely upon them the respect that they rightly deserve, and let's continue to help restore financial security to the American people.

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