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Dallas Morning News - Perry Still Wants Federal Troops Along Texas Border

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By Gromer Jeffers Jr.

President Barack Obama is sending 1,200 troops to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, with most of the soldiers headed to Arizona.

What about Texas?

Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday said he would wait to see whether his request for help in securing the Texas-Mexico border would be fulfilled before determining if Texas was being dissed.

"We have not received anything from the current administration about additional support of our border," Perry said Wednesday after a ribbon cutting ceremony in Richardson.

In January 2009 Perry met with Obama and requested 1,000 National Guard troops for the Texas border.

Last month Perry met with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and asked for 3,000 border patrol agents.

Perry said he would withhold judgment on whether Texas was being stiffed "until the Obama Administration clearly tells us what the policy is going to be."

"We've got some substantial request in, but to date there has been no indication that Texas is going to get any support," Perry said. "I hope we have an administration and Congress that understand that this situation along the border is untenable and they have to help us secure that border."

Democratic candidate for governor Bill White said the need for federal troops was a short-term solution.

"We need more federal support for border security and border regions," the former Houston mayor said. "We need more support for local police and sheriffs, who can enforce criminal laws. National Guard troops are not a long-term substitute for sustained federal commitment to border communities."

Perry has been at odds with the Obama Administration on a number of issues.
Wednesday he called a move by federal environmental officials to regulate pollution from Texas refineries another step in the Obama Administration's "campaign to harm our economy."

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday that it would take over the process of issuing a permit for a Corpus Christi refinery, taking the responsibility away from state regulators.

Perry wondered aloud whether the administration's environmental stance toward Texas was personal.

"There are some very troubling decisions that this administration has made toward Texas," Perry said. "When you have the state that's creating more jobs than any state in the nation and at the same time cleaning up its might make you think that they have something against Texas."

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