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Gov. Perry: Fox Executives Announce New Texas Production


Location: Unknown

Thank you, Mayor [Tom Leppert] and congratulations on yet another production headed to the Metroplex.

Some might suspect production companies flock to this area for the picturesque skyline or the barbecue in the craft services but I believe our biggest draw is our people.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a group of professionals including those in the film business who work as hard, as smart, as long as Texans do.

They are why Texas consistently leads the nation in job creation, exports and Fortune 1000 companies.

Mayor Leppert will probably agree with me that government's main job is to establish a positive climate for business development then get the heck out of the way so visionary leaders can do what they do best generate innovative products and create jobs.

That philosophy is at the heart of the updated Moving Image Industry Incentive Program that I signed in April of 2009.

Our incentive-driven approach gives creative people a financial reason to stay in Texas and provides a clear-cut benefit to our state's economy.

In just over a year since the program took effect, we've fielded offers for 206 projects across the state that equate to more than 28,500 full-time jobs and more than $184 million in spending in Texas.

Our folks at the Texas Film Commission are diligently stewarding those grant dollars to stay in line with the program's directives and maximize the benefit to our state.

As the program continues to pick up speed and productions begin popping up all over the state we're hearing stories of a reverse migration of sorts as skilled production hands return to Texas. They are part of a growing critical mass that will continue to drive Texas forward and establish our state as the preferred location for film production, game design, commercials and television productions like the one Jim Sharp has just announced.

I'll say simply this: we're glad you're here. Let's make some movie magic.

Now, we'd be happy to take questions about this announcement from our friends in the working press here today.

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