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Issue Position: Budget and Fiscal Issues

Issue Position

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The federal government spends more than 7.6 million dollars per minute of every hour of every day. That's $10.9 billion per day, $456.6 million per hour, or $126,839.00 per second! This out of control spending obligates every person in America $13,072.00 or every tax payer $74,074.00! I believe it is the responsibility of Congress to fix this horrendous problem. If federal spending is not reigned in, we will find ourselves in unprecedented financial crisis by the time the majority of Baby Boomers reach retirement age, and we will be challenged with the tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities their future benefits represent.

I support giving the president a line item veto as well as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that requires a balanced federal budget in peacetime, unless a three-fifths majority of both Houses of Congress vote to approve a specified amount of deficit spending.

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