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Issue Position: A Pro-Life Perspective

Issue Position

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As a father I have spent time with my wife Debbie teaching my 14 year old daughter and high school freshman Elliott, my 11 year old daughter Rilie, and my 8 year old son Zachary, about personal responsibility and making wise choices in their personal lives. We have focused a considerable amount of time and discussion with Elliott about the choices she will face as a young woman. We have included Rilie in these discussions as appropriate. Our children are bombarded with sexual themes and overtones from a young age and I believe it is imperative that we instill strong moral foundations in our children that they can draw upon when faced with choices they must make when Debbie and I aren't around to turn to for advice. In our pro-life family we teach that abortion is not an option for a previous poor choice.

The United States values human life in a far different manner than any other country ever has. I believe our federal policies should stand behind, support, and reinforce this belief. To do otherwise is inconsistent with what America is and what America's values are. My entire professional life has been dedicated to reducing human suffering and improving people's quality of life. When I received my medical degree I took an oath to "first of all, do no harm." My career and my life have upheld this oath.

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