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Issue Position: America's Place in the World

Issue Position

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The United States is different than any other country the world has ever known. I could live in Italy or France for years and still never be Italian or French. People from anywhere in the world can move here and be an American literally over night. This is because America is far more than a mass of land. America is an idea, a way of life and liberty, far different than the world has ever contemplated. We should never apologize for this nor behave as if we are embarrassed by what our country is or stands for. America has been, and is, the world's last great hope for freedom. Other nations might despise the United States for what it represents, but regardless, we can and must work with others while at the same time holding on to our own sense of pride and ideals. The United States must never impugn itself by abandoning its beliefs in the pursuit of relations with other nations in matters of commerce, trade, or treaty. To do so would be a denial of what America is and would be the greatest offense to those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending her. America must continue its charge of defending democracy, embracing freedom, and ensuring liberty wherever in the world she is called upon to do so. As a former officer in the United States Air Force I can think of no greater calling. As a United States Congressman I will hold no duty or responsibility higher.

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