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Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Politicians in Washington, DC have continuously demonstrated an insatiable appetite for the consumption of the fruits of our labor. Despite an ever-increasing amount of revenue coming in to the federal treasury, Congress continues to spend more than it takes in. It consumes our hard earned wages like a forest fire consuming acres of trees with wanton disregard for the damage it leaves behind. This has resulted in an astronomical amount of debt that law abiding, tax paying citizens of South Dakota each have a stake in. Mortgaging our future for spending today must stop. This debt shackles South Dakotans and inhibits our prosperity. The time to correct this problem is at hand. Congress must balance the federal budget. Our state government is required to balance its budget and we should expect the same from Washington. This will be difficult now, but it must be done, however painful. The failure to satisfy our debts and instead to pass them on to future generations will limit the greatness of South Dakota and the United States of America. As South Dakota's next Congressman I will fight to balance federal spending with federal revenue. We can no longer talk about this in the abstract or in theory. This simply must happen. This principle will help guide every vote I cast.

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