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Coffman Chides Democrats Failure to Pass a Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) released the following statement chiding the congressional Democrats' failure to produce and pass a federal budget. Congress is now over a month late is passing a federal budget -- and for the first time since the process was established in 1974, Democrat leaders have hinted that they may avoid considering one altogether.

"The fiscal irresponsibility on display in Washington is affecting American citizens and further damaging our economy and job growth," Coffman asserted. "The Federal Budget is due by April 15th of each year -- Tax Day. Yet the House of Representatives has not even started the budget process this year. The reluctance is widely seen as fear by Democrats of formally presenting to the American people the real bottom line after their 17 month binge of outrageous spending and complete lack of fiscal restraint."

"The Federal debt has gone up by nearly $2.3 trillion dollars since January 2009, and undoubtedly Democrat leaders fear that they will be forced to account for this ridiculous and damaging debt they are passing to American citizens and their children," Coffman concluded.

To combat the out of control spending and lack of fiscal restraint in Congress Coffman created the Balanced Budget Amendment Caucus dedicated to passage of H.J. Res. 1, the Balanced Budget Amendment.

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