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Carter to Introduce Active Shooter Amendment to Defense Authorization

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

All military installation law enforcement personnel would receive Active Shooter Training under an amendment introduced today to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) HR 5136, by Congressman John Carter (R-TX31).

Carter, who represents the Fort Hood area, introduced the amendment to ensure Department of Defense compliance with the findings section of the DOD review of the November 4, 2009 Fort Hood shootings that left 14 dead and 30 wounded.

"It is time we moved forward in addressing the problems that led to the Fort Hood attack and the mass casualties," says Carter. "This very narrow and targeted amendment will ensure that we start putting in place the recommendations of the after action review, and this is one that can prepare every military base in America for a quick and deadly response to any terror strike in the future."

Section 4.3 of "Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood" called for all military and civilian law enforcement personnel providing security on U.S. military installations receive specialized Active Shooter Training courses. Both of the civilian officers whose gunfire is credited with ending the shooter's rampage had received the training, which prepares officers to respond to scenarios involving a gunman in a mass casualty situation such as the attack on Fort Hood.

TEXT OF AMENDMENT TO H.R. 5136: SEC. 555. ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING FOR PERSONNEL RESPONSIBLE FOR FRONT-LINE INSTALLATION SECURITY. The Secretary of Defense shall establish policy and promulgate guidelines to ensure civilian and military law enforcement personnel charged with security functions on military installations will receive Active Shooter Training as described in finding 4.3 of the document entitled ""Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood''.

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