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Issue Position: Regulations

Issue Position

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1. Simplify Business Regulations to Attract Jobs.
2. Protect Our Environment.

For years I've heard Maine business people complain about our cumbersome, redundant, slow, and expensive regulatory system. Our State's reputation is legendary for being difficult to get something done. This is a big turn-off to entrepreneurs thinking about starting a business in Maine. Our elected officials should make it easier, not harder, to attract jobs.

"Our elected officials should make it easier, not harder, to attract jobs."

I've experienced first-hand many of the problems with our business regulations in attempting to create jobs in Maine. One housing project consumed 2.5 years of design, engineering, and permitting before one worker was hired. While managing the project, I navigated the maze of separate and redundant local and state requirements. This lack of coordination between the layers of government is slow, expensive, and an impediment to business growth and jobs.

Companies, and the jobs they produce, naturally locate in states with business-friendly climates. Our elected officials have created a regulatory environment which discourages business investment. I have lived through the process. As Governor, I will understand the importance of simplifying and streamlining business regulations. We can have a strong system which protects our environment while still promoting jobs.

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