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Working Together To Rebuild This Country

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Working Together To Rebuild This Country

Mr. KAGEN. Mr. Speaker, this past weekend, I met with people in Appleton, Shawano and Green Bay, Wisconsin, listening to their concerns. And what did they ask me to do? They asked me to cut their taxes and to help small business owners grow the jobs that we need to work our way back into prosperity.

Well, you may not have seen it on television or heard it on the radio, but President Obama and the Democrats here in Congress have already delivered the biggest tax cuts in American history. In USA Today 2 days ago, it said: ``Tax Bills in 2009 at Lowest Level Since 1950.'' But don't stop there. Let's take the word of President Reagan's domestic economic adviser Mr. Bartlett: ``Federal taxes are very considerably lower by every measure since Obama became President. According to the JCT, last year's $787 billion stimulus bill, enacted with no Republican support, reduced Federal taxes by almost $100 billion in 2009 and another $222 billion this year.''

But we all know that helping small business must be a top priority as well. And that's why we passed the bipartisan HIRE Act which will generate jobs. That's why we worked together with Republicans and Democrats to pass the HOME STAR Act. We're working together to rebuild this country.

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