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Issue Position: Government Regulation Reform

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Too many elected and unelected officials in state government fail to
recognize that no society in history prospered by limiting opportunity.
Excessive government regulation by unelected bureaucrats who have
no understanding of the industries they attempt to regulate is dramatically
damaging the economy of the State of Maine. It is time to push back
against this steadily growing interference into our personal lives, our
finances, and our businesses.

As Governor, I will propose regulation reforms that will unshackle Maine's
economic growth potential. Specifically, I propose to eliminate statewide
fees on start-up businesses, eliminate bizarre and unreasonable studies
resulting in needless delays (i.e. buffalo and black fly census studies in
Maine), and eliminate regulations that are incompatible with other regu-
lations, whereby when one regulation is followed, another is violated. In
that same vein, I propose that all duplicate and replicated regulations from
DEP and LURC be repealed.

There are too many regulations with unintended consequences, which
Cannot reasonably be met. My proposals will include the repeal of
regulations that are out of sync with the best science and technology data
and serve to add enormous and unnecessary costs to potential develop-
ment projects. Our goal should be to repeal two antiquated regulations for
every new modern regulation passed by state government.

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