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Portman: Democratic Spending Programs Failing Ohio

Press Release

Location: Columbus, OH

Hopes To Hear How President Obama Will Get Economy Back On Track Without Increasing Taxes Or Healthcare and Energy Costs

Prior to a tour of Prime Equipment Group in Columbus and discussions with workers regarding worker retraining and workforce development, U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman issued the following statement regarding President Obama's visit to Youngstown:

"I welcome President Obama to Youngstown, and all of us look forward to hearing his ideas for private sector job creation. Since the President's stimulus plan was enacted last year, Ohio has lost over 180,000 private sector jobs and unemployment has increased to over 12 percent in the Mahoning Valley, while the public sector and the budget deficit have grown to record levels.

"Businesses like the one I visited earlier this month in Youngstown are looking to hear that relief is coming from Washington's plans for higher taxes, higher energy and health care costs, and burdensome government regulations. I urge the President and the Congress to provide that relief so jobs can come back.

"While we're all extremely pleased that V&M Star is growing in the Mahoning Valley, we need new policies to ensure those jobs stay and others are created to replace the many we've lost. I saw the need for changes when I met with out-of-work steel workers during a recent visit to a retraining program at Eastern Gateway Community College. I saw it during a recent tour of a factory in the Mahoning Valley when I talked to workers and management about the layoffs they have seen over the past 18 months.

"Knowing V&M Star's future is tied to a vibrant domestic energy industry, I particularly urge President Obama and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher to end their plans for the onerous and heavy-handed Cap and Trade energy tax, which will not only harm Ohio's energy producers, but will drive up energy costs for Ohio's businesses and families."

NOTE: The Portman Plan to Create Ohio Jobs was developed from conversations Portman has had with workers, small business owners, unemployed workers, training and education groups, economic development organizations, hospital workers and manufacturers over the past year as he's traveled to every one of Ohio's 88 counties.

In stark contrast, Lt. Gov. Fisher's plan, which relies on the same failed policies he supported in the last three years while Ohio lost more than 430,000 jobs, contains no mention of how he would provide relief to the unemployed.

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