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Central Illinois' News Center - Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate Visits Peoria

News Article

Location: Unknown

By Gina Ford

A Green Party Candidate made a stop in Peoria this morning to gain support for his US Senate race.

LeAlan Jones grew up in the Ida B. Wells community in Chicago- an area he says is as dangerous now as it was during his childhood.

The Senate candidate hopes to go from the south-side of Chicago all the way to DC on the green party ticket- a party he said should resonate with the black community.

"Green is only a word to use for efficiency and better management, so the African American community has a greater affiliation with the Green Party, I think, than they do any party, because we've always been a community that's had to deal by efficiency because we've always not had the resources the dominant culture has had," said the candidate.

Jones said he decided to run for Senate at the height of the Rod Blagojevich scandal.

The Green Party candidate has a background in journalism. He has won both a Peabody and Robert F. Kennedy Journalism award.

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