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Cantor Statement on Virginia Unemployment Report


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) today issued the following statement after the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its Virginia unemployment report for April:

"An employment report that shows job growth in Virginia is always a good thing, period. What continues to concern me, however, is whether we are creating long-term sustainable jobs that will put us back on the path to economic prosperity. Many of us personally know friends and family who have lost their job, had to take a significant pay cut, or been forced to take a part-time job just to make ends meet. Many others have been out of work for a long time and continue to find it harder and harder to find meaningful employment. This does not reflect the economic freedom and opportunity that has come to make America so great. Much more needs to be done to strengthen our free enterprise system and revitalize Virginia's economy.

"The top priority for our Commonwealth and our country remains creating quality jobs and improving the economy. We must build a more vibrant job market in America and get the economy back on track towards recovery without increasing the deficit and spending so much that our grandchildren will be paying it all back. When the policies being put into place by Washington increase the cost of doing business, they ultimately inhibit job growth. The recent decision by businesses like Pfizer and Bank of America to cut hundreds of local jobs in the Richmond area is proof that the only sustainable way forward is a pro-growth strategy that encourages the private sector and small business people to thrive. I remain committed to a no-cost jobs plan that will create opportunity for future generations and make the Commonwealth even more competitive in the global marketplace."

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