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Pelosi Fails to Lead, House Fails to Govern


Location: Little Rock, AR

Says failure to pass budget shows lack of respect for taxpayers

Second District Congressional candidate, U.S. Army Reservist and former U.S. Attorney Tim Griffin today issued the following statement in response to plans by the House leadership not to pass a federal budget before September:

"The House leadership's failure to pass a budget is a failure to govern. It is disrespectful to the taxpayers of Arkansas - who make tough choices in order to balance their family budgets - for Congress to shirk its duties.

With no budget, there are no spending priorities and no restraints preventing Congress from further increasing our deficit and adding to the debt. I call on Speaker Pelosi to show leadership and schedule a budget vote. The American taxpayers deserve that much."

On April 9, Griffin proposed a series of reforms entitled "Arkansas Values in Action.' Among his proposals: suspending congressional pay when Congress fails to pass spending bills on time.

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