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House Democrats Reject Another Spending Cut


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Last week, House Republicans asked the American people a simple question: Where would you cut federal spending? Within a week, over 280,000 Americans voted online and by text message through YouCut, a one-of-a-kind program created by House Republicans for the American people to vote on specific spending items they'd like to see cut. After a week of voting, Americans have spoken loudly and clearly: Cut a recently created $2.5 billion annual welfare program that subverts the highly successful welfare reforms made in 1996.

Yesterday, House Republicans called a vote on whether or not Congress should debate and vote on this cut. The motion was soundly rejected by Democrats in a 240-177 vote, with only 9 Democrats joining Republicans in our effort to bring this $2.5 billion cut up for debate.

It is shameful that this liberal Congress wouldn't even allow a debate on the issue. Time after time this liberal majority has blocked even modest reductions in federal spending. With deficits soaring to alarming heights and the national debt approaching $13 trillion, we must get our fiscal house in order to keep from becoming Greece or Argentina. I remain committed to casting only the most fiscally responsible votes. With this in mind, I encourage you to join the debate by casting your vote in this week's edition of YouCut

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