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Issue Position: Water Resources

Issue Position

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Kay's Answer: A comprehensive water policy is actually something that has been proposed for study by the legislature. Establishing a sound water policy is a worthy idea for us to consider.

Keep in mind that we have a lot of competing interests for water usage. We residents certainly have our daily needs at home, but others like industry and commerce, agriculture, energy sources (hydroelectric dams and nuclear plants), and recreational venues like water parks, lakes and community swimming pools also need large volumes of readily available water, to

On top of this, we have so many beautiful creeks and rivers with delicate eco-systems that we must maintain clean water and preserve a healthy environment.

Meeting all those needs for current and future use requires thoughtful planning with a very balanced approach.

The state of Georgia recently passed a statewide, comprehensive water policy but the policy has not been in practice long enough to ascertain results of success or shortcomings.

As much as we need clean, usable and plentiful water, I want to be assured that any governmental involvement is both necessary and effective. If we look at the Georgia model, there are real concerns on the surface about creating a bureaucratic monster. Experience teaches us that, even with wonderful intentions, the devil is in the details.

We do not need to establish commissions and departments which would create excessive, onerous regulations. We need to avoid the potential for more litigation which would clog our overburdened courts. Seeing how much of a pinch our state budgets are currently feeling, we must guard against creating financial obligations that the state can't adequately fund. And, I'm ever mindful that without proper rules and accountability in place, governmental regulatory bodies invite the potential for corruption.

So, I'm not against a water policy, but we have to be awfully careful with how we proceed with it.

The Benefits To You:

A carefully crafted, comprehensive water policy could prevent future water shortages, decrease water conflicts between competing interests, protect our environment and enhance our quality of life in the future.

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