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Issue Position: Property Reassessment

Issue Position

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Kay's Answer: I agree with the observation that property reassessment probably ranks ahead of termites as a homeowner horror.

Until a few years ago, the Department of Revenue appraised the value of property in Alabama every four years. In 2003, an executive order required property appraisals be conducted every year. That meant appraised values went up annually, and your property taxes went up with them.

Annual rising property tax rates are a hidden tax on property owners, and they have hit some communities particularly hard. For example, just this year in Marshall County, the taxes levied on homes increased as much as 25 percent. Quadrennial assessments don't punish homeowners for quick or temporary spikes in residential home values like annual assessments do.

Some counties argue they would lose money if appraisals were returned to once every four years. But this is not true: the money would not be lost, only delayed.

To fix the property tax problem, I will:

* Issue an executive order returning property tax assessments back to once every four years;

* Work for passage of a constitutional amendment to make sure the law requires property appraisals be conducted and limited to once every four years.

I want to give hardworking Alabama homeowners the relief you need and deserve.

The Benefit To You:
By returning to the previous system, your property taxes would only rise once every four years in a stabilized fashion, instead of every year as they often do now.

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