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Issue Position: Infrastructure - Roads and Bridges

Issue Position

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Kay's Answer: According to the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), many of our roads, highways, and bridges are in need of serious repair. Over 1,200 bridges in Alabama that are either outdated or not strong enough to carry the loads they currently do.

In this recession, we must use every scarce tax dollar as efficiently as possible. Right now, there are too many dollars the ALDOT receives in funding being spent on administration and overhead. We have businesses in the private sector that are better equipped and have more efficient means to get roads, bridges and other projects built quicker and at a lower cost to the state.

To help solve the crisis of our crumbling roads and bridges, we should:

Reduce administrative overhead costs wherever possible to provide more money for maintenance and repairs.

Consider moving some DOT funds from new bridge and road construction to maintenance and repair.

Prioritize the bridges and roads needing repair, fixing the ones with the greatest traffic loads first.

The Benefit to You: Prioritizing spending, and redirecting some money from construction to maintenance would make Alabama's roads and bridges safer. By lowering the state's administrative overhead, you'd get more services and the state could lower its finacial obligations for the future.

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