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Issue Position: Eminent Domain

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Kay's answer: For many families in Alabama and elsewhere, the American Dream means buying your own home or breaking ground on a small business. But ever since the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2005 that the government has the right to force you to sell your property so that a more "profitable" business or property can go there, that dream has been in danger. That decision was a gross abuse of imminent domain laws.

Right after this terrible decision, though, Alabama was the very first state to pass laws to limit the government's ability to take someone's private property for their own development. Since then, 42 other states have done the same.

Nevertheless, the reforms that have been made in Alabama are still at risk of being changed or eliminated in future legislative sessions. To solve this problem, I support what property rights advocates have proposed: We must amend Alabama's State Constitution to include a traditional, narrow definition of "public use."

Speaking as an "Alabama Tree Farmer," it is important to me that Alabama's government respects our property ownership rights. As your Governor, I will fight to defend the centuries-old principle that your home is your castle.

The Benefit to You: Your home and your private property belong to you. The government should not have the power to snatch them away unfairly.

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