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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Lower or eliminate taxes on businesses to encourage job creation. Eliminate inheritance taxes, thus allowing small businesses and family farms the ability to be transferred to the next generation without costly schemes. A transition into the Fair Tax will reduce the burden on lower income families while it treats everyone fairly, without a reduction of income to the government. As long as the government has the power to tax our income, we, the people, will continue to work for the government. It's time to take control of our government and make it work for the citizens again.

Concerning the current crisis I would have favored an elimination of all federal tax on income, generating an extra trillion in income for the actual tax payers, which would stimulate the economy more than any government bailout.

I do not agree with rewarding the people that caused our economic crisis by giving them mass amounts of our hard earned money. I would also favor the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for allowing the crisis to develop.

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