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Issue Position: Taxes

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Two hundred years ago, in 1803, United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall remarked that "the power to tax is the power to destroy." He was right then and he is right now.

High taxes cost jobs. High taxes destroy our free enterprise system by robbing businesses of the capital needed to expand, compete, succeed and provide higher paying jobs for Alabamians. High taxes increase the cost of doing business which, in turn, causes many businesses to become unprofitable and close their doors, costing Americans jobs we cannot afford to lose.

High taxes hurt families. High taxes undermine the family unit by forcibly taking money from parents that is needed for health care, college tuition, and basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.

High taxes damage churches and charities. High taxes reduce citizens' disposable
incomes, thus making it increasingly difficult for people to tithe to churches and donate to charities.

High taxes promote socialism. Higher taxes advance socialism, thereby reducing individual freedom, giving government more control over our lives, and causing the economic stagnation and decline long suffered by so many European socialist economies.

Families know better how to spend their hard-earned money than do government bureaucrats. And that is exactly why Mo Brooks has repeatedly led the fight to stop tax increases.

As a state legislator, Mo Brooks was ranked #1 out of 140 legislators in the fight against higher taxes by the Alabama Taxpayers Defense Fund.

As a Madison County Commissioner, Mo Brooks helped lead the fight against higher sales taxes in Madison County. If it weren't for Mo Brooks, Madison County citizens would be suffering from yet another sales tax increase.

In 2003, when pro-tax forces pushed Amendment One and tried to raise income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes, Mo Brooks stood in the breach. Mo Brooks wrote guest anti-tax editorials that appeared in every major newspaper in Alabama. Mo Brooks persuasively argued against higher taxes on every major radio talk show in Alabama. And Mo Brooks was chosen to represent anti-tax forces in one of the two debates aired statewide on Alabama Public Television.

Some candidates talk about fighting tax increases yet trade away their beliefs once in office. Not Mo Brooks. Mo Brooks fights the anti-tax fight.

Mo Brooks is exactly what America needs in Congress.

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