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Issue Position: Education

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Federal mandates and regulations are costly and confusing for state and local school officials. Teachers must deal with constant policy changes, increased paperwork, and less money to comply with those mandates and new regulations. Teachers and school leaders find it more difficult to deal with unruly students. Illegal immigrants are not required to report their illegal status when enrolling their children in public schools creating additional costs to provide expensive, specialized remedial programs. Specifications for federal grant requests change daily, making it more difficult to compete for the tax dollars we send to Washington. Attempts are made to implement national standards and politically-correct agendas through our public schools.

Stephanie Bell believes every child in Alabama -- regardless of background -- should have the opportunity to receive the best education possible in a safe environment. A quality education provides the tools for each child to have the freedom to determine their own future. As a graduate of an Alabama public high school and university, she is committed to making our system of education the best in the nation. She knows, firsthand, what can be done to strengthen local control and provide more resources for the classroom. She has been a successful advocate for reading (phonics), higher academic standards, quality teacher education programs, teacher testing, and transparency in how school systems spend money by requiring them to post check registers online. She also wrote the first biology textbook insert which makes it clear that evolution is a theory, not a fact. Stephanie supports voluntary prayer in public schools. Parents must be provided options to choose how their children will be educated. She has voted to support charter schools. As a parent and as someone who worked to pay for her college education, Stephanie is concerned about the rising costs of higher education. She understands the need for two-year colleges and workforce training. While others talk about their plans for education, Stephanie has been working successfully for 15 years to improve education.

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