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Issue Position: Transparency & Government Efficiency

Issue Position

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* We need to let more sunshine in on the state government process. It's important to let the people in on what is going on at the time it's actually happening. Transparency increases accountability and public participation.
* One way to truly increase transparency is to put the state budget and other processes online where any New Mexican can look at where the money goes. I co-sponsored a bill that would do this along with fellow Republican Senator Sander Rue. We got the lieutenant governor involved and passed this important legislation. We believe that every New Mexican has the right to see inside government. Government that is shrouded in secrecy is bound to make mistakes without the common sense point of view provided with the public is more involved. In other states where the budget is online, ways have been found to trim the fat and make government more efficient.


* Government works best when it is small and focused. We need to de-centralize many of our functions. Take the dictatorship out of Santa Fe and place the power back in our counties and municipalities.
* Right now, our state government is nearly double the size it was when Gary Johnson was in office. Eight years ago, our budget was about $3.8 billion to run state government. That figure has risen to around $5.3 billion this year. The state budget needed to operate our day-to-day government is nearly twice as much as is truly necessary. That's why we are experiencing this massive budget shortfall. It is ridiculous to think that we should spend twice as much to perform the same functions for the well-being of the people of the state.
* We need to trim back, combine departments, get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy and privatize those functions better performed by business.
* These measures would result in a smaller state budget and a more efficient delivery of services. That means that the revenues we generate wouldn't evaporate in overhead costs.

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