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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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Economic Development

* We've had an economic development policy focused on bringing in companies from out-of-state. While this has brought in some business and some jobs, I feel it doesn't go far enough.
* Several places that experienced slumped economies have tried an idea called "economic gardening". What it means is that you invest in the businesses that are already in place. In other words, you work to assist and retain the businesses that have shown their commitment by being in the state.
* Our small businesses are the backbone of our economy; accounting for 75% of our economic well-being. We need to support their growth and development so they can continue to provide us with jobs, a tax base and goods and services that we need.
* Additionally, we need to find way to make our traditional industries pay better for our young people so that they stay in the state instead of having to leave to find work.


* For instance, New Mexico has been a farming and ranching state. Because these ways of life do not pay well, our children and grandchildren are losing out on their heritage. We need to change the face of these industries to follow market trends.


* New Mexico's natural resources have been a source of our permanent funding and a large portion of our education funding. We could be not only energy self-sufficient but could become energy exporters. We can do this by moving our regulations in the direction of those in our surrounding states so that we could become more competitive. Our energy industry could be a source of revenues and good jobs, as well as insulating our state from international changes that drive the energy market. Additionally, we need to continue to encourage companies developing alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. These will not only help make us energy self-sufficient.

National Labs

* We are fortunate to have two of the three largest national laboratories. Our national labs have been good to us, providing our youth with high-paying jobs and growth opportunities. They deserve our continued commitment and support.

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