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Issue Position: Returning Trust

Issue Position

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Returning Trust to our Democratic Process

Ensuring Honest and Fair Elections

Honest and fair elections are the hallmark of a vibrant democracy. If we lose trust in the process for choosing our government, we lose trust in how we govern.

Jon Husted is committed to preventing outside groups such as ACORN from illegally influencing our elections. He led the effort to require proper identification at polling places to ensure that only legal residents cast ballots.

Husted remains committed to securing the integrity of Ohio's elections and preserving honest and fair elections that all Ohioans and Americans can trust.
Reforming Ohio's Redistricting Process

Jon Husted has and continues to be a leader in the cause of redistricting reform.

Ohio has a hyper-partisan process that allows legislative and congressional districts to be gerrymandered in a way that marginalizes voters and undermines our democracy. Husted believes to fix what ails Ohio we must reform this system that allows the politicians to pick the voters, rather than allowing the voters to pick their public officials.

Husted has been committed to changing the partisan way legislative and congressional districts in Ohio are drawn.

As Speaker, Jon Husted tried twice to reform the redistricting process, but could not get the necessary support from Democrats for passage. However, he didn't quit, he fought on and was able to pass a resolution in the Senate that would end partisan gerrymandering.

The House has yet to vote on Husted's reform efforts, so his fight for change and reform goes on.

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